Monday, March 25, 2013

Mission Statement

I'm just getting started with this blogging thing, and I still haven't quite decided what The Point will be. Is this a food blog, a place for me to share/keep record of my cooking adventures? Am I concerned about readership? To what extent will non-food items creep into the narrative... from wedding planning to living 2,800 miles from our old home, from the job hunt to stories and pictures about our maine coons?

I will start with this being basically a record of our eats because I like to cook and I do it a lot. I'm also trying to be both budget and health conscious, so it will be helpful for me to have a record of What was Amazing, What was Too Expensive, and just How Many Days a Month are We Eating Asparagus.

The secondary purpose for this racket will be as an outlet. We moved here about five months ago and I am still looking for work.. it's frustrating for all the usual reasons, and I hope that having a blog will help me stay creative and intellectually stimulated. Otherwise I just spend my days applying for jobs, planning our wedding, and exercising. It's not bad, but I need a little more. Y'know?

That said, I'm excited to get going!

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