Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

I have been given conflicting information regarding Seattle, weather, and the spring/summer, and I'm not altogether sure what to expect for the next few months: One source tells me that "Sometimes it rains for the entire month of June... we're not really out of the woods until July. But September should be lovely." Another claims the sky will be a bright sapphire blue from May to October. It makes sense to me that spring would be a wet, rainy time, but what do I know about climates in maritime Washington! 

I can say, though, that lately the weather has been out of control amazing. Ever since the vernal equinox, it has been warmer, sunnier, greener, and generally more pleasant to be outdoors. I'm appreciating the city and our neighborhood a lot more as I am no longer hiding under my raincoat. And, the many businesses around us have started investing in planter boxes and various other methods for growing springtime flowers and plants. 

My building is in the foreground. I included this photo because the dark pointed building is easy to spot in shots of the Seattle skyline, and it's just a block from where I live.
Whenever the weather is nice, I like to go outside and walk by the water. I find natural settings to be quite soothing (science backs me up here), and I am always hungry for views of the snow-capped mountains. 

In the background you can see what we call the "salmon elevator."  Also snow-capped mountains on the Olympic Peninsula (left). 
We live just a half mile or so from the waterfront, and the city kindly maintains several miles of paved walkways boasting a gently curving route, separate paths for bicyclists, and a number of art installations and/or gardening plots and/or "renovated coastlines" with pebbles, sand, driftwood, and rocks all intended to help support young aquatic lifeforms. Meaning baby seals and young salmon. 

Sunbathers and sailboats abound.

It's a popular place for people to go, regardless of the day/time, but thankfully there is enough mileage to spread everyone out. 

Even Rainier let us sneak a peek!

Lovely weekend. Happy Easter, everyone.


  1. Baby seals! So far your blog makes me gooey with cute feelings (aforementioned baby seals), hungry, and... no, actually, that's it. Love it! Keep it up!

  2. Excellent shot of Mt. Rainier! I wasn't able to see it because of the clouds when I was there last week.

    1. Alison I didn't see Mt. Rainier at all until March! We moved here on Halloween! She's quite shy. Thus I will treasure this and any Mt. Rainier photos forever.